Remote Team Productivity & Time Tracking Software

The PrimeWise Productivity Suite (PLPS) empowers your workforce with a comprehensive program for productivity and adherence management, enabling your project managers, human resources, and operations teams to carry out their responsibilities in a clever and intelligent manner.
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Enable your staff to attain their productivity objectives.

  • Facilitate remote check-in and check-out processes
  • Monitor adherence throughout any specified date range
  • Track progress towards productivity goals
  • Initiate various HR requests effortlessly
  • Stay informed about company announcements

Revolutionize how your HR staff carries out their responsibilities.

  • Handle employee requests and manage their data efficiently.
  • Keep track of public holidays and issue announcements.
  • Access summarized time reports for employees.
  • Facilitate employee promotions and terminations.
  • Monitor employee adherence through comprehensive reports.
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